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Improv Team Building Workshops, Corporate Training or Corporate Training Workshops or whatever you want to call them,  are interactive sessions led by Sean Dillingham that use improvisational acting techniques to foster collaboration, creativity, and communication within teams. Participants engage in fun and engaging activities that encourage them to think on their feet, listen to others, and build trust. These workshops are a great way to strengthen teamwork and enhance problem-solving skills in a dynamic and supportive environment.


Over the course of 90 minutes, I will teach your group, improv skills and team building techniques. (If you’re unfamiliar, improv is what you see on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” Not only can this kind of Corporate Training can be a lot of fun, it also helps the group figure out new ways to communicate and work together collaboratively.


The principles of improv can be applied to a number of everyday business and organizational challenges. Learning them can foster creativity, leadership, teamwork and respect. Improv can …


– demonstrate the power of teamwork and collaboration
– promote trust among colleagues
– improve communication and presentation skills
– teach “in-the-moment” thinking and build creative muscles


Sean has trained with several of the top Improv Theaters in the country including The Second City, The Groundlings, Upright Citizens Brigade and  I.O. West.  He has and continues to study with The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Stella Adler Theatre.


Please feel free to read some of my Letters of Recommendation and understand, with me, you get the best and will have an experience you won't forget!


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