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Arizona Actor Headshots #Arizona #Actor #Headshots

Arizona Actor headshots!  If you are an Actor or Actress in Phoenix, Scottsdale, or the surrounding areas in Arizona this is the photography and pricing you've been looking for!  We shoot in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Headshots are the key to breaking into acting as an actor. It’s just a fact. It doesn’t matter how brilliantly talented you are: without the right headshot, the chances of anyone taking the time to discover that brilliance plummet. Headshots for actors are like business cards for busy corporate climbers or stunning Instagram grids for aspiring influencers. An Actor’s headshot is their professional calling card—and the best ones do more than just catch a casting director’s attention in the moment. A great headshot is also memorable enough to pop back into the casting director’s mind the next time a role suited for your type crosses their desk.


A good headshot gives people an idea of who you are not only professionally, but personally, too. A smile, smirk, or serious look all convey different messages and emotions. Make sure your headshot matches who you are.


Headshots are the first impression an Actor makes to casting directors, agents, and managers.


Take the next step for your image, brand, and reputation. Think about how you want others to view you and what you have to offer. Who is this person as a professional? Who do they want to be? What are they doing to get there? These are questions that people answer based on first impressions.


We have teamed up with a professional photographer to offer actors 2 things:  Quality and Affordability!  Let your professional headshot answer in truthful ways and schedule your appointment today!

Arizona Actor Headshots #Arizona #Actor #Headshots

We generally try to schedule multiple actors on one day of shooting.  We schedule these monthly.  We will always be in communication and keep you informed!

What we offer:

  • Low pricing - $150 for the photo session ($5 processing fee)
  • $10 location fee (everyone pays this)
  • 2-3 outfit changes
  • Actor/Actress must arrive hair/make-up done
  • Turn around time for digital downloads - 1-2 weeks

NOW scheduling for July-August

1 hour time slots


  • August 17

Time Slots Available:

August 17








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