Arizona Acting Class #Arizona #Acting #Class

Hello and welcome to my classes!


Im a very experienced actor of 30+ years.  The question isn't, if I can help you, the question is, how can I help you?


Sign up, expand your abilities.  If you're not acting, you should be training!


 - Sean

Arizona Acting Class #Arizona #Acting #Class
Arizona Acting Class #Arizona #Acting #Class
Arizona Acting Improv Class #Arizona #Acting #Improv #Class

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Arizona Acting Class #Arizona #Acting #Class
Arizona Acting Class #Arizona #Acting #Class

Acting Class, Classes & Workshops conducted at SD Acting Studio in Scottsdale, Arizona, led by Sean Dillingham, offers a series of dynamic and interactive classes that focuses on the art of acting. In these classes, actors explore spontaneity, creativity, and the ability to think on their feet.

Cancellation/Refund/Missed Class Policy

There are no refunds on missed classes.  If you cannot attend or have to miss

a scheduled class, you have up to 30 days to use that missed class credit.  No exceptions.



improv showcase

Improv (or improvisation, if you want to be formal about it) is a performance art form where “players” or improvisers go out on stage without a script and attempt to make stuff up! Many times it involves participation from the audience, usually just a simple one word suggestion. Oh, so like “Whose Line is it Anyway?” 


Students from the Improv class right here at SD Acting studio will tickle your funny bones for 90 non-stop minutes of laughter!  Snacks and drinks avilable for purchase at the show.


Wednesday, August 7th, 2024

Doors at 6pm | Show at 7pm

Tickets $10.00


arizona improv classES

The Improv Classes, conducted at SD Acting Studio in Scottsdale, Arizona, is led by Sean Dillingham, is a series of dynamic and interactive classes that focuses on the art of improvisation. In this class, actors explore spontaneity, creativity, and the ability to think on their feet. Through various improv exercises and games, actors develop their comedic timing, teamwork skills, and the ability to make bold choices. The Improv Class provides a fun and supportive environment for actors to step out of their comfort zones and embrace the unpredictable nature of improvisation. It is a great opportunity for actors to enhance their improvisational skills and unleash their creativity.


arizona scene study class

Scene Study Class, led by Sean Dillingham, this class focuses on the in-depth exploration and analysis of scenes and monologues from plays and films. Through hands-on scene work, actors delve into character development, emotional depth, and the nuances of scene dynamics. By dissecting and interpreting the text, actors gain a deeper understanding of the storytelling process and refine their acting skills. The Scene Study Class provides a supportive and collaborative environment for actors to challenge themselves and grow as artists.



the directors series

The Directors Series is a specialized training program designed to empower actors with valuable insights while working with today's working directors. In this workshop, actors gain a deeper understanding of the director's perspective, enhance their collaboration skills, and learn how to effectively act out a scene. Through scene work, and discussions, actors develop a stronger awareness of their role in the storytelling process and learn techniques to deliver their best performances. The Directors Series is a unique opportunity for actors to expand their skillset and elevate their craft.


arizona teleprompter class

Teleprompter Class, led by Sean Dillingham, is a comprehensive program designed to teach actors the art of reading from a teleprompter. In this class, actors learn techniques to deliver lines with confidence and clarity while reading from a teleprompter. Through practical exercises and hands-on training, actors develop their ability to maintain eye contact, pace their delivery, and convey emotions effectively. The Teleprompter Class provides actors with the skills and experience necessary to excel in auditions, on-camera work, and live presentations that require teleprompter usage. It is a valuable class for actors looking to expand their range and increase their marketability in the entertainment industry.


arizona monologue class

Monologue Class is a dynamic and engaging course offered by Sean Dillingham that focuses on developing the skills needed to deliver powerful and captivating monologues.


arizona commercial acting class

Commercial Acting Class helps actors develop the specific skills and techniques required to effectively convey messages and portray characters in TV and online advertisements.


arizona self-tape class

Self-Tape Acting Class is a specialized course that focuses on training actors to create high-quality audition tapes from the comfort of their own homes. This class helps actors develop the skills and techniques needed to effectively showcase their talent and audition for roles remotely.


Course includes advisement on proper equipment, set-up and more.



free improv class

Free Improv Class is my free acting class where participants can explore and practice improvisational acting techniques without any predefined scripts or structure. It allows actors to enhance their spontaneity, creativity, and ability to think on their feet.  Best of all, IT'S FREE!



free scene study class

Free Scene Study Class is an acting class where actors work on scenes from plays or films to improve their acting skills. In this class, actors analyze and dissect the scenes, exploring the characters, relationships, and emotions within them. It provides an opportunity for actors to deepen their understanding of text interpretation, character development, and scene work.  And best of all, IT'S FREE!



coaching / consultation (online)

Online Coaching and Consultation is a service provided by Sean Dillingham to actors who are unable to attend in-person classes or workshops. Through virtual platforms, actors can receive personalized coaching, feedback, and guidance from Sean Dillingham, tailored to their specific needs and goals.  You got questions, I got answers!



self-tape reader (online)

Online Self-Tape Reader is a service where actors can record and submit their audition scenes to be read along with, in real time, with Sean Dillingham. Sean helps actors improve their performances by receiving feedback and guidance on their self-tape auditions.


demo reels

Demo Reels is a service provided by Sean Dillingham to actors who want to showcase their acting skills and experience. Sean creates professional demo reels that include selected scenes from their previous work. These demo reels are valuable tools for actors to present their talent to casting directors, agents, and other industry professionals.



Theatre Actor Resume Template + Headshot & Cover Letter, 8x10 for Microsoft Word | Actress, Child Actor, Acting Resume Digital Download


Creating an actor resume from scratch may take a while, especially when you're unfamiliar with programs like Microsoft Word. With this template, you're well-equipped to create a modern and outstanding actor or actress resume. Get straight to writing your content and save valuable time.


Your purchase includes:
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DIGITAL DOWNLOAD IS $25.  Your files will be available to download once payment is confirmed.


Arizona Actor headshots

Headshots are the first impression an actor makes to casting directors, agents, and managers.  It's time to use our Preferred Photographer!


Take the next step for your image, brand, and reputation. Think about how you want others to view you and what you have to offer. Who is this person as a professional? Who do they want to be? What are they doing to get there? These are questions that people answer based on first impressions.


We have teamed up with a professional photographer to offer actors 2 things:  Quality and Affordability!  Let your professional headshot answer in truthful ways and schedule your appointment today!


arizona improv team building workshops

Arizona Improv Team Building Workshops are interactive sessions led by Sean Dillingham that use improvisational acting techniques to foster collaboration, creativity, and communication within teams. Participants engage in fun and engaging activities that encourage them to think on their feet, listen to others, and build trust. These workshops are a great way to strengthen teamwork and enhance problem-solving skills in a dynamic and supportive environment.